2011 TTM Stats

2011 TTM Recap

I’m being requesting autographs through the mail (TTM) for a little over two years now. It gives me something to do with my sports cards, it helps keep USPS in business, and I’ve learned a ton about non-stars through the process. I tend to learn more about the guys that send back to me. It’s kind of neat. But, that’s all of that for now.

I didn’t get as many TTMs sent this year as I would have liked to. Mostly because, you know, it’s time consuming. However, my success rate did go up this year.

Like I said, barely 4 a month, and most of those came in spurts. But that’s okay. Progress is progress.

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Below are a handful of the cards that I received back in 2011, and I will make sure to share more regularly as I get more back in 2012.

Jeremy Roenick - 220 Days

Chris Pronger - 128 Days

Steve Kerr - 191 Days


Cris Carter - 101 Days

Steve Wiebe

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