7 Days of Painting in 72 hours

This will be short and sweet.

In August, we will have living in our home for 5 years. When we first moved in, the previous owners painted the entire house eggshell.  I guess they wanted to be neutral? Or maybe they followed that ridiculous suggestion of repaint your house to “BORING” before you decide to put in on the market. But I digress.

We had already painted the kitchen and the powder room, as well as our girls bedrooms, but we hadn’t tackled the main living space.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Let me interject here. I can not make this suggestion strongly enough. Don’t decide to paint the interior of a house after you’ve already been living in it for five years, especially with children.  While the end result is pure awesome, there is a lot of stress involved getting prepared. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

So, as I was saying, everything was egg shell.  Would you look at this? How boring.

I mean, fine. I guess it works. It worked for us for five years. But it was just so….blah. See?!

A few weeks ago, I patched all the holes I had made over the years and spent a few days prepping the crown molding for painting and such.

When we had the carpet installed and purchase our furniture, we already had gone with nature tones, partially to make sure that it worked with that gorgeous EGGSHELL, so we tried finding new colors that still worked with everything we had built around before. So here’s what we did.

I purchased Benjamin Moore paint. I know it’s expensive stuff, but it was the colors I liked and it went on silky smooth. Great stuff. We purchased a combination of three colors. Tyler Taupe as the base color; Tawny Rose as an accent color, and Navajo White for trim. Lots of taping, lots of cutting into edges, lots of sweat (it was constantly 85 degrees in the house).

My wife took the kids to New Jersey for the weekend to keep everyone out of the way and on Thursday night, we moved everything to the middle of the room and other places in the house. Starting at 9:30 Friday Morning, I worked until 9 that night, and then did the same on Saturday (with some help from some friends in the afternoon) and on Sunday they came home to a completely finished and put-back-together home.  Check it out.

This coming weekend, The Chair Rail!

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